property administrator

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Cities are booming and multi-family development is a huge part of that world. Property management services are in high demand and so are administrators who are specialized in this field. This program will prepare graduates of the college with courses that cover office procedures such as time management, researching, summarizing and preparing to work effectively; with proficient communication skills that will teach useful techniques to write clearly, concisely and professionally.


The wide range of topics will cover many aspects of running a property management / administration office including: computer software applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook), property management, business law, marketing, bookkeeping, human resources, correspondence and computerized accounting (Simply Accounting).


Career Opportunities

  • Property Administrator
  • Accommodation Officer
  • Property Leasing Coordinator
  • Property Rentals Manager
  • Property Acquisitions Area Manager
  • Property Section Head
  • Apartment Rental Agent
  • Housing Project Manager
  • Building Managing Supervisor
  • Commercial
  • Property Manager
  • Leasing and Development Officer


About Access Business College

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*This Diploma is approved as vocational programs under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005