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Good labour market research should play a very important role in deciding on which career to pursue. At ABC Access Business College in Toronto, Ontario we constantly update our career training programs and courses based on the latest labour market information available, to respond to the demands of the economy and the industries. We want to ensure our college graduates are the most qualified for a career in the Toronto job market.


However, we encourage our potential students to do their own research to make sure that the demands of their intended careers are suitable for their lives and/or family dynamics. At ABC Access Business College, we strongly believe in and encourage a good work/life balance.


Please see below for a list of good labour market information websites:


Labour Market Research Tips

  • Talk to individuals who do the work/career you intend on doing. Ask them about their daily duties, hours of operation, likes and dislikes of their jobs. Also find out about any dangers you should be aware of and finally, what is the average rate of pay
  • Interview hiring managers and supervisors (avoid Human Resources Managers). Find out about the skills and education they require from a potential employee and any accreditation you would need to secure employment


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