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Dear All,


Just to share all, I am pleased to let you know that 09 February 2018 I got approval from CPA and received my professional certification of PCP. Now I m a qualified Certified Payroll Professional. Besides from this January 2018 I have already started work as a Part-time Payroll Instructor in a private College in Toronto.


Again I can't believe I'm graduating another subject Accounting and Payroll in 2017.I am grateful to the Management team and Teachers who are providing their continuous support to me during my time in Access Business College. Without their cordial support, it was not really possible to me. Thank you so much for all of your support and cooperation during my time at ABC.


Finally, I appreciate your help over the year. You were patient, inspirational, and actually made things fun. Thank you so much for everything. I won't forget it!


Best Regards,

Siddhertha Saha

MBA, PCP, CPA Member.

My name is Jennifer Russel-Mullan. I was a student of Access Business College between April and December of 2017. While studying Business Administration I managed to learn more than I had originally thought as well as making new friends. In the process, I managed to learn full cycle Accounting, Canadian Business Law, Human Resources as well as many other subjects.


The Administration and teachers at Access Business College are human and kind. Just like a secondary family!


My time at Access Business College was a gift. I am currently employed by the Government of Ontario. I am proud of where my education and intellect have taken me.


Thank you
Jennifer Russel-Mullan
Business Administration Graduate

Hi Sonia,


I am writing this email to express my gratitude for the opportunity given to me by Access Business College to obtain an excellent education in the field of property administration.


Beginning with the marvelous selection of staff and teacher with their in depth experience in the fields that they teach and finishing with the wonderful class atmosphere that allows the students optimal learning experience.


My first class was marketing in which I learned the importance of the proper development and presentation of a product in front of the consumer. Taking in consideration that even a job interview is a seller buyer relation in which I would be selling the idea that I am the right person for the job. This combined with the resume writing class is a valuable life lesson. Following for me was accounting.


Peter’s practical experience in the field was useful to me as it helped him explain the real life approach to a job that involves accounting. He is very good, patient and clear in his words. All are very important characteristics of a teacher in a sophisticated and to most confusing field.


The law class combined with the property law prepared me for entry into a business full of regulations which are very important for the smooth operation of the property industry.


As a conclusion I would like to once again thank you Sonia and the staff of Access Business College for the wonderful atmosphere and the encouraging education provided to me in the last eight mounts.


Slavi Iliev
Property Administrator Graduate

Hi Sonia


Thank you for introducing the teacher Peter and allowing me to attend a sit-in session. It was an interesting class topic and experience that has to delve into my memory as a student back in 1997, and it was such a pleasant, engaging and entertaining class time with an amazing teacher like Peter. I would, however, like to come in to do the assessment and get a Second Career package with an acceptance letter.




Access Business College has a wonderful atmosphere. The teachers are professional and patient. They take their time with the students to make them understand. The multicultural staff and students make the place friendly and inviting. The student atmosphere is welcoming and helpful. They motivate the students to be committed and determined to finish the courses. For some students they are returning to school after many years or attending for the first time. It welcomes them with open arms and focuses on them succeeding. It is a great school full of great people eager to get back into the work force with their new skills. They motivate you to have a better future.


I would like to thank Access Business College staff for their work and effort. 



Ramin Rabbanian

I had a fantastic experience at Access Business College. 


The core of professional instructors delivers relevant education for the workplace. The Microsoft training alone, for example, is something I lean on at my new job every day. Resume construction assistance helped me to gain employment quickly. Over the life of the program, I have learned a great deal about myself, my peers, the workplace and future employment potential in a new field.


If you are pursuing a Second Career Diploma or upgrades to professional education, I highly recommend attending Access Business College. I have benefited directly from attending this school.


Thank you Sonia, Berj, Isaac and staff at Access business College for providing the foundation for my new career in Real Estate.


Colin Finkeldey

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